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Supplier Homepage > Products > Inorganic Zinc Anti Rust Coating Shop Primer Marine Spray Paint Maintenance Period of 6 to 12 Months
Inorganic Zinc Anti Rust Coating Shop Primer Marine Spray Paint Maintenance Period of 6 to 12 Months
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product: view count: 170Inorganic Zinc Anti Rust Coating Shop Primer Marine Spray Paint Maintenance Period of 6 to 12 Months 
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Detailed Product Description

Main Raw Material: Inorganic Zinc Silicate Standard Film Thickness: 15 Microns Dry ( 53.5 Microns Wet)
Application Method: Spray Color: Multicolor
Type: Primer Luster: Seim-Gloss
Theoretical Spreading Rate: 200 Solids (vol %): 28%±3%

Product Description
• A two pack zinc pigmented ethy1 silicate shop primer.
• VOC is 645 g/L

Intended Uses
• A shop primer for the protection of steel
• Long term weathering protection
• Good welding and cutting performances.
• Low health hazard

Product Information
• Volume Solids 28%±3%
• Finish/Sheen  Seim-Gloss
• Typical Film Thickness 15 microns dry ( 53.5 microns wet)
• Theoretical Coverage: 18.7㎡/L at typical film thickness
• Mix Ratio: 1:1(VOLUME) 2.3:1(MASS)
• Method of Application
   Airless Spray  Tip size range  0.38-0.53mm
   Output Pressure ≥17MPa
   Air Spray  Tip size range 2-3mm
   Output Pressure ≥0.4MPa
   Brush/Roller  Need to coat several times to get film thickness
• Thinner: Not recommended .Use water only in exceptional circumstances(max 5% by volume)
• Drying Information
   -5°C 5°C 25°C 35°C
   Touch Dry 2H 1H 30min 15min
   Hard Dry 24H 20H 12H 8H
   Pot Life Not applicable
   Overcoatings Data: Substrate Temperature
   Overcoated By
   -5°C 5°C  25°C 35°C
   Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
   48H no  36H no 24H no  24H no
• Storage: Store in cool and dry conditions, Well ventilate. Keep away from hot and fire.Store temperature should be higher than 0°C.
   Shelf Life: 12Months minimum at 25°C.Subject to re-inspection thereafter.
• Pack Size:
   Park A 20.5kg/18L in 20L container
   Park B 8.9kg/10L in 10L container.
   Part A Greater than 14°C
   Part B Greater than 14°C

Surface Preparation:
• High pressure fresh water wash or fresh water wash, as appropriate, and remove all oil or grease, soluble contaminants and other foreign matter in accordance with SSPC-SP1 solvent cleaning. All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination.
• Steel surface should be prepared to Sa2.5(GB/T8923-1988),using antomatic blasting/spraying equipment.
• Steel grit or a mixture of steel grit of particle size 0.6-0.1mm and steel of particles size 0.6-1.4mm are normally used to give a appropriate coarseness.
• Apply 725-E47 before oxidation occurs. If oxidation has occurred, the entire oxidized area should be reblasted to the standard specificed above

• Drying time will depend on the substrate temperature and ventilation. If the relative humidity is below 50%,cure will be retarded.
• 725-E47 is not recommended for use as touch-up primer after fabrication.
• Avoiding absorb the solvent steam and paint steam for long time.Skin and eyes must avoid contacting the paint. Pay attention to ventilate and fireproof when applying.

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